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A Life of Balance 


     Reiki and Readings is about promoting a life of balance.  Learning how to get in touch with your intuitive side and harnessing your own energy, this is crucial now more than ever before.  

     Reiki sessions can offer energy clearing and balancing.  Reiki directs your body to a state of homeostasis where self healing occurs.  


     Intuitive development gives you direction in harnessing your own energy and abilities to know what is best for yourself and in making your own decisions in life from a state of knowingness.  This is achieved by practicing fun intuitive skills in the comfort of like minded people looking to achieve the same goals; intuitive psychic or mediumistic abilities. This development is also offered in one on one sessions. 

     Psychic and Medium readings are offered with love and respect to bring comfort and healing.


     During these challenging times we are offering all services online.


     Check out our events page, and watch for new upcoming classes and workshops.  If you are a teacher, healer, or reader, and feel you can contribute to the embetterment of others, please contact us. We are located on Broadway in Massapequa, centrally located between Sunrise Highway and the Southern State Pkwy.  Looking forward to our journey together!

     Reiki and Readings is owned and operated by Maryann Ordonez.  Maryann has been a certified practicing Reiki Master since January of 2016. She received her basic certification in Integrated Energy Therapy in January of 2014. She is also a proud member of the Reiki Healing Association since March of 2017.  She has been a practicing medium since 2015 and has been under the mentorship of renowned Spiritual Healer and author Pat Longo since 2017.  

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